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Mercedes-Benz C Class Images Leaked

Posted in Featured, Geneva Motor Show, Mercedes Benz, New Cars by Kurt Ernst | January 8th, 2011 | 2 Responses |
2011 Mercedes C Class Coupe

Photo: AutoBild

Mercedes-Benz won’t show the new C-Class Coupe in public until the upcoming Geneva Auto Show, but that doesn’t mean they won’t leak images in advance to build excitement. The front end is the same as the newly restyled C-Class sedan, but the similarities end at the A-piller; everything aft of that is new, and it’s the first Mercedes I’ve seen in a long time that I’d call “lustworthy”.

2011 Mercedes C Class Coupe

Photo: AutoBild

Critics have already started to pan the design, since they feel it “borrows heavily” from BMW styling cues. The broadly flared front fenders do resemble those on the M3, and the broad character line running from the front to rear also looks like a Munich staple. The C-Pillar even has a modified “Hofmeister kink”, but I’d stop short of calling it a BMW copy. Even Mazda uses broadly flared fenders in their current design, and I doubt anyone would accuse the CX-7 of ripping off a BMW design. If you’re worried about the Hofmeister kink, take a look at the last generation Acura TSX, which copies it almost exactly.

Engine offerings are expected to mirror the sedan, so the range should include a 302 horsepower V6 as a starting point and should top out at the AMG tuned 5.5 liter V8, which is expected to put out better than 500 horsepower. Look for updates on pricing and availability during March’s Geneva Auto Show.

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