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Mercedes-Benz Shows Us The Car Of 2036

Posted in Concept Cars, Design, Frankfurt Motor Show, Fuel Cell, Mercedes Benz, News, Science by Kurt Ernst | September 14th, 2011 | 1 Response |

By 2036, I think that most transportation will involve horses and ox carts, but Mercedes-Benz has a more pleasant and upbeat view of the future. Debuting at this week’s Frankfurt Auto Show is Mercedes’ F 125 Concept, which shows the possible future of motorized transportation, as interpreted by Mercedes Benz.

Power comes from four electric motors, fed by both lithium sulphur batteries and by a hydrogen-powered fuel cell. The onboard storage tanks hold enough hydrogen to give the car a (theoretical) range of around 620 miles, while emitting zero pollution in the process.

To keep weight down, the body is made from fiber-reinforced plastics, while the rest of the chassis is made from carbon fiber, aluminum and high-strength steel. As you’d expect of a car from the future, it can either be driven by a human operator or piloted (without error, of course) by onboard computers in a semi-autonomous mode. Forget buttons, switches and knobs, since the future is controlled by hand gestures.

In keeping with tradition, Mercedes has graced the F 125 with gullwing doors, a nod to both the SLS AMG and to the storied 300 SL Gullwing. The doors on the F 125 aren’t exactly stylish, though, since they may be the largest doors I’ve ever seen on a concept or production vehicle. I wouldn’t be overly concerned just yet, since Mercedes Benz still has 25 years to work out the styling bugs. And build the hydrogen infrastructure.

Source: Mercedes-Benz

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