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Midwest Muscle Car Challenge 2011: Build em’ Drive em’

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2011 Midwest MuscleCar Challenge

For some, the idea of building, driving and racing old cars from the 1960’s and 1970’s seems somewhat archaic. However there are those who go against the grain, push the envelope and retrofit these old cars with some of the latest and greatest technology available. In fact its not uncommon nowadays to see brand new state-of-the-art engines and suspension systems in these rides. Hell, for some it’s the best of both worlds. Because there are so many enthusiasts who go down this road, small race series have begun to pop-up that give owners a chance to not only showcase their automobiles, but their talent behind the wheel as well. The Midwest Muscle Car Challenge was held this past September on Labor Day weekend and showcased some of the coolest muscle cars in the Country. These are not just some retrofitted show cars, but hardcore rides that can be driven daily and then raced on the weekends. Click play for the video and see how the event went down.


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