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MINI Cooper Customized Graphics Made Easy

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An Endless Number Of Options

An Endless Number Of Options

The adornment of the MINI, either just the roof, or the entire vehicle is as much a part of the diminutive speedster’s heritage as its bug-eyed headlights. Of course, these days you don’t have to commit to repainting or permanently defacing your MINI to add a little flair to your life. And you can never have too much flair. offers an endless number (they say 5 million) of options to cover part or all of your vehicle, meaning you don’t have to just settle for that tired old Union Jack.

Limited Edition Graphic

Limited Edition Graphic

It is important to note that adding a vinyl application to any part of the car, in most cases, requires a professional installation. Meaning that unless you have experience doing such things, do-it-yourselfers should just pony up the extra cash to have it done right. The roof graphics run close to 500 bucks and can be used on both regular MINIs and the MINI Clubman with or without a sunroof. Though the number of available options for the sunroof is limited some.


According to the website, all products are printed with only the finest vinyl and laminate available are completely removable without damaging, scratching, or otherwise defacing your MINI. In fact, adding these vinyl coverings offer an additional protection to those that may inadvertantly scratch the roof or other body panel while loading up a bike, snowboard, etc. The graphic is a thin, photo quality protective membrane, that help ward off the occassional scratch.


The “wraps” are manufactured utilizing professional automotive grade vinyl that is custom printed through a 6-color process with one of thousands of unique or licensed designs. The wrap is then coated with a scratchproof finish and custom cut, creating a product that fits a specific model of MINI perfectly – providing a long lasting stylized automotive makeover.


If none of the countless options available on the website appeal to your creative side, you can even submit your own original design to ensure that your MINI is as unique as you want it to be. The best part is that unlike a tattoo, removing this personalization is painless. Check out to find the perfect style for you.

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