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MINI not so mini anymore with release of Paceman Concept.

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Mini Paceman Concept

Well I suppose we can say that Mini has finally gone and screwed the pooch when it comes to keeping their cars pint sized. First there was the original itty-bitty Mini Cooper. Then we got the Mini Clubman, followed by the 4-door Countryman and now they’re giving us the Paceman Concept, a car that mini is calling a “Sports Activity Coupe”. Isn’t it amazing that when automakers want to give an existing idea a new identity, they just give it their own new name and claim that they invented it – funny how that happens right?

MINI states that:

“The Paceman combines the classical Mini concept with the defining features of the Mini Counrtyman and the style of a coupe. The result is a Mini with visual ‘muscle car’ design cues, displaying its dynamic capability from every angle.”

Mini Paceman Concept

Basically what you’re seeing is a Mini Countryman with two less doors, permanent all-wheel-drive, bigger wheels (19’s) and the 211 hp engine out of the JCW Edition. The question though is, when will Mini’s become too big to be called Mini? Hell, at this point, why not just make a Mini pick-up truck or a Mini-ute of some sort. While the Paceman Concept is interesting, I hope that Mini doesn’t dilute their brand to the point were they lose the essence of what made their cars so great in the first place.

Source: MINI

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