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Porsche 964 RSR Crash: What would you do?

Posted in Best of, Crashes, European Rides, General, Porsche, Racing, Rides, Videos by MrAngry | September 25th, 2013 | 1 Response |

Porsche RSR Crash

Dealing with an accident face-to-face is not something that most of us ever want to do. For one, what we see may stay with us forever, and two, the majority of people simply freeze up not knowing how to react. This is exactly what happened when rally driver Harry Kleinjan crashed during the Hellendoorn Rally 2013. His Porsche 964 RSR went careening out of control hitting a barrier, which in turn flipped it upside down into a small canal. As you can see there are loads of people standing around, yet no one is rushing to help. That begs the question – faced with an accident where you may be able to help someone, would you?

Porsche 964 RSR Harry Kleinjan Hellendoorn rally 2013


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