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The NAŠA Concept Car: Drive Sideways and Spin

Posted in Car Photography, Car Reviews, Car Tech, Concept Cars, Foreign Cars, Materials by Vito Rispo | September 22nd, 2008 | Leave a Reply |

No, it’s not a National Aeronautics and Space Administration car, it’s just called NAŠA. Who knows, it probably means something in Czech, but that language is about as decipherable as Klingon, so we’ll just forget about the meaning. More importantly, it spins in circles.

It was built by two Czech students from Tomas Bata University, Marek Kedzierski and Michal Vlcek, and it won the first finalist position in the Škoda Auto competition. It’s a two seater with no doors or windows and an upper body made of neoprene. But the design of this particular car is important because of its function, not because of how pretty it is.

The rear tires turn in this car, allowing it to spin in a perfectly tight circle. Check out the pics after the jump:

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