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The One True Zombie Apocalypse Vehicle. Really.

Posted in Alt Fuels, Biofuel, Pop Culture by Dustin Driver | October 30th, 2012 | 3 Responses |

Ah, zombies. You’ve shambled into our psyches and captured our collective conscience like no other. Is it your chilling resemblance to our mindless consumerist culture? Or is it simply that we all want to brain each other with blunt objects? At any rate, we obviously want you to take over. When you do, we’ll be driving this. It’s the HEMTT A3 Diesel Electric by Oshkosh. It’s an armored, eight-wheel-drive beast that can run on diesel, biodiesel and even veggie oil. And it carries its own power station. 

Everybody’s a zombie. Your neighbors are zombies. Your best friend is a zombie. Your mom is a zombie. Zombies have overpowered the strongest and most advanced military on the planet. But somehow you and a ragtag group of Ruby on Rails developers and extremely attractive women have survived. If you want to discover the zombie-free paradise of your dreams, you’ll need a vehicle. This, my friend, is the Oshkosh Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Truck (HEMTT) A3 Diesel Electric (note: Photos may not be actual HEMTT A3 Diesel electric, but a variation of the HEMTT chassis).

It is the biggest, baddest eight-wheel-drive truck the US has to offer. Made by the legendary Oshkosh corporation in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, the HEMTT is what the US military uses when it needs to move heavy objects over rough terrain. It’s the workhorse of field operations, an armored dreadnaught capable of traversing vast distances with enormous cargo. Weighing in at more than 84,000 pounds and with superb all-wheel traction, it can plow through any zombie horde that gets in its way.

But the HEMTT A3 Diesel Electric isn’t just a massive, go-anywhere, zombie-crushing rig. It’s a super-efficient hybrid with an onboard generator that can power an airfield. 


The HEMTT Diesel Electric is powered by a 470-horsepower turbo diesel engine (green) that spins a 340 kw generator (purple). That generator s four 480-volt A/C motors, one at each axle (blue). It uses 1.9 megajoule long-life ultracapacitors to capture energy from braking and can carry 130 gallons of diesel fuel. Flip a switch and the onboard generator can provide 120 kw of electricity for all your zombie-fighting needs.

It’s a go-anywhere power station with room for a shipping container on the back.

Oshkosh doesn’t say the HEMTT A3 Diesel Electric will run on biodiesel or veggie oil, but I’m sure one of the devs in your crew can do the conversion. That’ll turn every abandoned fast food joint between here and paradise into a refueling station.

The rig is also built to military specifications. Its ultracapacitors are rated for 25 years of use without service and it was designed to be easily repaired in the field.

Imagine charging down America’s backroads, crushing zombie hordes and pushing abandoned cars aside like styrofoam. When you reach your destination, you’ll unpack your gear, fire up the generator and enjoy civilized life. Or maybe set up an electric fence to fry invading zombies. The possibilities are limitless.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is THE ultimate vehicle for the zombie apocalypse.  Will you be ready?


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