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The Persuaders! Aston Martin vs Ferrari

Posted in Aston Martin, Car Chase, European Rides, Ferrari, General, Videos by MrAngry | August 25th, 2013 | Leave a Reply |

The Persuaders

It used to be that capturing a car chase was one of the most difficult endeavors in all of film making. Camera rigs were not only cumbersome, heavy and unreliable, but ungodly expensive. Today, filming automobiles is as simple as using a suction cup mount and a GoPro and lets us get shots never even thought of 40 years ago. The Persuaders, with Tony Curtis and Roger Moore was shot in the early 1970’s and features a car chase featuring a 1969 Dino 246 GT and a 1970 Aston Martin DBS. For back in the day it was actually quite good, however by today’s standards it just downright pitiful. Just goes to show you that sometimes technology is a very, very good thing.


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