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The Ten Best Selling Vehicles Of 2010

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Ford's F Series pickups: winner and still champion. Image: Ford Motor Company

Now that the dust has settled from last year’s automobile sales recovery (or the start of the sales recovery, at least), has compiled a list of the top ten selling vehicles in the United States. Aside from a few omissions (like Hyundai’s revamped Sonata, which will likely make the list in 2011), there really aren’t any surprises this year. Three of the top ten vehicles were full sized pickups, which re-iterates the fact that Americans don’t care about such trivial matters as gas prices or fuel economy. Balancing out the full size trucks were compact cars from Toyota and Honda, as well as family sedans from Toyota, Honda, Nissan and Ford. The Ford Fusion was the sole domestic car to make the list, which again illustrates that we prefer American full size trucks but Japanese cars.

Here are the sales numbers and rankings for 2010:

1. Ford F-Series pickups, including Super Duty, 528,349
2. Chevrolet Silverado, including Heavy Duty, 370,135
3. Toyota Camry, 327,804
4. Honda Accord / Accord Crosstour, 311,381
5. Toyota Corolla / Matrix, 266,082
6. Honda Civic / Civic Coupe / Civic Hybrid, 260,218
7. Nissan Altima / Altima Coupe, 229,263
8. Ford Fusion / Fusion Hybrid, 219,219
9. Honda CR-V, 203,714
10. Dodge Ram Pickup, including Heavy Duty, 199,652

The Toyota unintended acceleration story had a definite impact on Toyota sales, as the Camry and Corolla were the only vehicles on the list that sold more units in 2009 than they did in 2010. Sales of the Camry were down eight percent last year, while sales of the Corolla were down ten percent. Look for Toyota to recover consumer confidence in 2011, and look for the rising cost of gasoline to keep compact cars and fuel-efficient sedans in the top ten.

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