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Think You Know New Cars?

Posted in Car Buying, Cool Stuff, Featured, Games, Akatuki4 Review by Kurt Ernst | February 19th, 2011 | 11 Responses |

Sadly, I didn't review this one.

In the last year, I reviewed some 50 cars, trucks and SUVs for Akatuki4. Some I liked, some I really liked, and some I struggled to find something positive to say about. Below are pictures of ten of these vehicles, and your challenge is to name the make and model from what you see in the picture. Some are easy (OK, some are REALLY easy), while others are a bit more… challenging. I’ve taken the liberty of deleting manufacturer’s logos, so don’t expect any obvious help from the photos. I’ll give a week or so to figure them out, then I’ll post the answers. Since my clues helped too much on the Name-The-Driver-From-His-Helmet quiz, you’re on your own here.

There isn’t any significance to the order the pictures are posted in, and I didn’t just pick my favorites from the last year. I suppose you could go back through each and every review I wrote (if you have some serious time you need to kill), but I shoot dozens of images for each car reviewed. The chance of me using the same picture in a review isn’t very high. Good luck and hit me up if you really need clues.

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