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Time-lapse of San Francisco-Paris Flight.

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From San Francisco to Paris

A standard flight from San Francisco, CA to Paris, France is just under 5,600 miles and can take anywhere from 13-15 hours. It’s a hell of a run and after all that time sitting in one place the odds of a person getting a little shaky are about 85%, that is unless, you have a way to keep yourself occupied. Photographer Nate Bolt did indeed have a way to occupy his time, in fact he was able to condense his entire 14 hour flight in to just two minutes, by using time lapse photography, some great editing and a little music. Using a time lapse camera, Bolt snapped an astonishing 2,459 photos (2 every 30 seconds) over the course of his flight and in the process captured some of the most amazing images that you’re likely to see. The video was constructed by using a Canon 5d2 camera, a time-lapse controller, and a 16mm – 35mm lens with edits and pans done in After Effects CS5 and iMovie. The entire compilation is pretty incredible so make sure to click through to view the final product.

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