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Unsold 1987 Buick GNX becomes dealer time capsule.

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1987 Buick GNX

In the mid-1980’s the performance car market in the United States was still in a pretty dismal state of tune. There were a few rays of light like the Ford Mustang GT and Pontiac Trans Am, but the only real shining star was Buick’s one year only 1987 GNX. Sure it was expensive, but it had the numbers to back up the price. Back then anything with horsepower numbers over 200 was a big deal, so when the GNX came out with its underrated 276 bhp and 360 lb-ft. of torque, enthusiasts couldn’t help but take notice. There was however one inherent problem… the car cost $30,000, around $10,000 more than a standard Buick Grand National. Collectors knew the car was something special and because of this most were sold immediately.

1987 Buick GNX

There was however one GNX that was delivered to Boulevard Buick in Long Beach, California that was never snapped up. In fact it still sits on the showroom floor with a total of just 164 miles on the clock. Back then the dealer thought they’d make some big money by tacking on an additional 5k to the price, but nobody wanted to bite, so instead of giving the car away for sticker, they just kept it. Right now Brad Willingham, son of Jim Willingham, the dealers original owner, said “We had visions of making big money,” he said. “Now it’s part of our heritage.” My opinion… this is a car dealer, and like any car dealer anything is for sale for the right price. So, how much would you pay for this brand new 1987 Buick GNX?


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