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What’s the most USELESS feature on your car?

Posted in Best of, Car Accessories, FAIL / Funny, Featured by MrAngry | January 26th, 2011 | 14 Responses |

Useless Automotive Items

New cars have so many wonderful features don’t they. We’ve got everything from satellite navigation, to heated seats, to climate control systems that are more complex than the ones in our homes. Look at the list of standard features on today’s new cars and you’ll see that they are leaps and bounds above cars from just 10 years ago. Granted so are the prices, but in today’s world of dollars and cents, that shouldn’t surprise anyone. I would guess that in total I use about 80% of the features in my car, and or in the cars I’m testing. Things like the navigation system, power seats, stereo, climate controls and power windows get used all the time. But then there are things like that little pass-through compartment that goes from the trunk into the car, or the electric fold away mirrors… I never use those things. However if there is one sucker that I have never, EVER used, it’s the emergency latch in the trunk. Seriously, what am I smuggling in, illegals from across the border or something? In fact in the annals of automotive history, I bet that goes down as the single most unused item ever. I’m going to go on the assumption that most of you agree with me, but if you don’t, pipe up because I’d like to hear what you think.

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