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Why Old Iron Is Timelessly Cool.

Posted in Domestic Rides, Featured, Rides, Videos by MrAngry | March 1st, 2011 | 2 Responses |

Old Is Good

They’re beautiful, raw and powerful and at the end of the day will always be cool. They’re hot rods, and they not only have the ability to transport us through time, but they make us feel like we’re 18 again. Old cars and trucks are wonderful machines that are based on style and simplicity. They’re built not from necessity, but from passion and the notion that each machine is different. Everyday we go out and see cookie cutter pods that roll people to and from work, to the store and through their daily lives. They’re boring with no aesthetic appeal and at the end of the day they have the ability to suck the life out of us. Over the last 20 years manufacturers, government and environmentalists have watered down automobiles to the point where plain vanilla seems to be the norm. It’s a travesty that kicks guys like me right in the heart and it makes me yearn for the days when cars were still mechanical.

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There’s something about waking up at 5:30 am on a Sunday morning, walking out to the garage and seeing those rare sleeping giants. We pop the hood and look at the engine, not because it needs anything, but because it’s simply a work of art. From the chrome air cleaners, to the perfectly bent fuel lines, to those big exposed valve covers. Engines of the past get us juiced up before we even turn the key. These are no frills machines that work off mechanics, not electronics. For enthusiasts like us that means they’ll be here 100 years from now, long after all those foo-foo hybrids of today have been recycled. We don’t junk these machines, but rebuild them because they are piece of our history, our culture and who we are as individuals and for that reason and that reason alone, they are timeless.

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