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Would You Own An Electric Boat?

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Infinyte Marine

We’ve all been so jacked up lately on the topic of electric cars that we’ve forgotten that battery power can be used in other applications. When I was a kid I used to be heavy into boats and water sports. It was wonderful and I was lucky enough to have been able to enjoy the water in everything from 8-foot kayaks to full-on 50-foot sport yachts. Over the years the boats have changed, but for the most part their propulsion systems have not. Most recreational boats are still powered by standard gasoline engines or for the larger boats, dirty burning diesels. Back then electric boats were unheard of, but every now and again we’d see someone in a little rubber inflatable tooling around the harbor in silence as their battery powered 2hp electric motor putted them around. The thought of having a full sized electric boat was somewhat laughable, but today; let’s just say the times are changing.

This is the Infinyte i4, a pure electric 5-passenger catamaran that is a great example of things to come. Canada’s utilizes creative design and engineering to create small boats that are for now, designed for use as lake boats. They’re silent, comfortable and depending on usage, can provide owners with up to 10 hours of playtime per charge. They’re newest model, the i4, is 14-feet long and powered by twin 24 V motors that propel it to a top speed of 8 mph. While not overly powerful just yet, the company says they have a larger 25-footer that’s currently in development called the i8 which will seat 12, hit 20 mph and thanks to the use of a bio diesel generator and integrated solar panels in the fold-down hardtop, it’s capable of virtually endless run times. I’m not sure how I’d feel about taking a full electric boat out into open water just yet, but I am stoked that companies like are working to make it a reality.

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